Posted by Admin | February 1st, 2014

Norma Galmarini helped to co-founded a company called Globopak in 2009, along with Paul Galmarini. The company is today a family-owned, private, business that specializes in the manufacture and sale of produce containers. Globopak’s main product is a simple corrugated plastic box. All products made by Globopak are made from high quality materials which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The core sales platform for Globopak revolves around an asparagus packaging box, which companies will use to transport product all over the world.


Norma Galmarini has a long history in the world of business and began her career within the industry of packaging. At the age of seventeen she began working the floor at the Kiva Container warehouse, which was located in Anaheim, California, in 1992. Norma Galmarini was able to work her way through the ranks at Kiva Container to become the Production Manager there. She was eventually recruited to join the team at Universal Container, Inc. by that firm’s president and owner.


Universal Container, Inc. is a company that was based out of Escondido, California, and was at the time a relatively small operation, when Norma Galmarini joined. She was important to many different facets of the company, helping with the fine tuning of operations, sales, package design, client management, and product quality.